January 10, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Honduran Christmas Decorations
For the sole purpose of adding to the pressure, I have decided to make my first post of 2011 about a few of my new year's resolutions because I am old-fashioned like that and have about 138 of them. A little late, but hey! if Christmas decorations are still up in some places, I can still do this. :)
 DIY gathered skirt 
Self-made camo print skirt. Jersey draped top and vintage belt.
Anyway, for once, I had my whole year perfectly planned out: I’d be moving to a city two hours away from my own (San Pedro Sula, even after hearing too many stories about kidnappings and car thieves) for an Apparel Technology and Textiles certificate program, I'd be taking business admin classes twice a week and going wild in the kitchen (cooking for one!  Hoorayyy!), as well as holding solo-mad-woman sewing allnighters.
Turns out both courses were cancelled because no one cares about Apparel Technology…and now, here I am, redesigning my whole year with a John C. Maxwell book in hand (while keeping in mind, of course, that plans are to be placed in God's hands).
I begin with the resolutions, no order in particular...
#1:  Visit surrounding towns/villages more often.
They're so inspiring and I only stop by very VERYY occasionally during family trips when the parents agree to.
DIY leopard print jacket
Boy was adorableee AHHH! He brought me his duck and put up a show with the chickens and let me use his hammock!! 
DIY leopard print jacket
  Leopard print cape-like jacket previously an XXL nightgown. Pleats and gathers in the right places and that's what you get...I wear it over everything. :)
#2 Buying not so much, sewing way too much.
I rather have a lovely dress with zigzagged seams than a perfectly sergered “bleh” dress that I buy only because it semi fits. I already have plenty of fabric to work with so zero excuses.
Vintage Fabric
#3 Less talking the talk and more walking the walk.
I’m always talking about weird ideas that make people smirk, but it never goes past that. The plan is to focus and start DOING things that will make people smirk. This last resolution can turn into a deep "existential crisis" one so Imma leave it at that. Heh.
So there they are. Care to share yours? :) The rest of mine are kinda silly so I'll have to share them with my sisters...I can't embarass myself in front of them any more than I already have. Heehee. 

Have a good year everyone. xo! 

I leave you with a random, beginning of the year outfit...
Paperbag shorts, Felt hat, Zara handbag
Top: homemade. Belt: vintage. Shoes from random mall store. Ring: 10 lempiras ($0.50) from random store.


  1. Gosh Fabi you make me wanna blog again!
    My only new year's resolution is convincing people I'm a unicorn so I can open a course in which I'll teach others how to properly cry over a wound to heal it and how to use your horn to cleanse a poisonous well.
    lol esteeee.. vieras que no sé, quisiera hablarte de algo bien específico. Escribime cuando tengás un chancecito!
    Un abrazo de unicornio para vós!

  2. Love those shorts!! Very cute!

  3. First of all GREAT pictures! I love your cameo skirt it is so amazing especially the colors I think this is am amazing outfit!!

    I also wanted to say that I enjoyed the fact that you shared your New Years Resolutions! We have a lot of similar New Years Resolutions!

    Great Post!

  4. It's never too late for new year resolutions :D I keep telling myself that, huh :P

    Your designs are fabulous, everything looks perfect and very professional. &I love the idea of the blog, it's very interesting to see a girl interested in fashion from the other side of the world :)

    fashionistas diary
    xoxo eva

  5. Your hair is AMAZING and you have great style. Saw your on msmadulooks blog. Can't wait to see what you sew!!

  6. That first photo is awesome! Looks like a postcard!

  7. I think you should have a resolution to blog here more often :)

  8. OMG.. you have great style!!!
    I follow you now.. :D

  9. Hello! great blog you've got!!check out my blog and if you like it follow me and i promise i'll do the same!
    kisses from pepa

  10. Te queria decir que eres verdaderamente genial, me encanta el concepto de tu blog... Keep up the good work/
    Adora tu blog, sigue subiendo looks, me inspiras mucho =)

  11. I'm glad that besides of being your sister, I can be your photographer for a special an succesful blog! keep it up sis! :)
    Someday I'll be a pro, when that happens I will take your pics for free! :P
    Oh wait I already do! xD
    Love <3 read headed girl!

  12. I love your blog! its so good!
    -E. Peace

  13. Fabi!! Nice to see you back! This is emma from all in your innerspace, I have a new blog now. You look great as usual!

  14. Hey Fabi, great post. I love your blog, too bad you post that often...Anyway, I wan't to make you a proposition of a project I'm starting....email me at nihilista@me.com....I look forward to hearing from you...


  15. Me encanta de verdad tu blog, hace mucho tiempo, porfis k uno de tus propósitos sea no dejarnos tan abandonadas. Un beso

  16. Hola

    Buen dia.

    Te escribe Humberto Velasquez de La Ceiba. Realmente me encanta tu blog llenas de inspiracion a las personas y tienes una creatividad inmensa, aparte de que eres hermosa.
    Siempre te he visto por la Col. Independecia pero no sabia que tenias un blog y menos que fueras tan creativa.

    Espero que triunfes y tengas exitos.

    Saludos y Abrazos a la distancia.

    Humberto Velasquez
    (504) 441-3018
    (504) 9811-5959

  17. Gorgeous photos, you loo stunning!

  18. So cool! You are a very beautiful and fashionable young lady. I had no idea Hondo was so fashionable! I'll be down in March in San Pero Sula and Tegucigalpa visiting with family, I'm really excited. Very cool blog, I'll tell my friends about it. Please check out my blog.

    Angels Point of View - Street Style Blog

  19. I really really really love your blog!
    So inspiring!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  20. u are very talented u know. jadore!

  21. Girl you are fabulous... such vision.
    Your are extremely talented...

    First time commenter long time follower...

    Best Wishes

    Love your goals for the new year...

  22. Me and my partner, Mihai, have this fashion blog => http://estilo-tendances.com! We love your site and we wonder if we could link/banner exchange!

    We have 1,000 pageviews daily and 10,000 visitors monthly.

  23. Hi Fabi, came across your blog after you agreed with me on Stevie's Discothequeconfusion blog! Love the pictures, you're lucky to have some amazing places to use as shoot locations around where you live. Sucks about the courses being cancelled, hopefully you'll document what you do alternatively on the blog. I'll be reading! x

  24. OMG~~~~~ I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND ANOTHER HONDURAN BLOGGER!! you are actually the first one i find, besides myself!!! following you!!!! s


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